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You’ve landed a great job offer…but that’s only the beginning. The salary negotiation process can be a daunting one. Don’t let lack of experience, access to information, or uncertainty stop you from getting the most out of your next role. One-on-one professional salary negotiation services can help you approach your next negotiation with confidence.

We consistently deliver 10% compensation improvement for our clients.

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Our salary negotiation services help guide you through the negotiation process and provide you with 1:1 coaching to help you reach your highest salary potential.

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Alice R.

Senior Manager

$30,000 / 20% salary improvement

Image by Stephanie Liverani

Julie W.

Director, Operations

33% options



Harry K.

Client Success Manager

$10,000 / 12.5% salary improvement

Woman Working in Modern Office

Alanna S.

Associate Director

$70,000 / 33% equity improvement annually

Image by Andrew Power

Aaron B.

Independent Consultant

$50,000, 25% salary improvement

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