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About Peak Negotiations


Peak Negotiations offers tailored, one-on-one support for individuals looking to negotiate top compensation packages in their field. While effective negotiations tend to follow a pattern, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for securing the best possible offer at your next role. That’s why Peak takes a holistic approach that considers an individual’s goals, risk appetite, and the many nuances at play when you come to the bargaining table.

Meet Your Negotiation Expert

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No matter where you are in the offer process, Peak can help. Our approach is designed to meet you where you are and provide you with:

Outside Perspective

Our free initial consultation gathers the facts about your situation and sets the foundation for your personalized coaching.

Informed Targets

With access to both internal and external compensation data, we provide reasonable compensation targets tailored to your specific circumstances.

Greater Confidence

Armed with information, resources, and preparation, you’re equipped to negotiate your best compensation package

Look inside the salary negotiation process


Jeremy Barnyak

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Meet Your Negotiation Expert

Jeremy Barnyak founded Peak Negotiations because it combines two of his favorite things: helping people and getting the best possible deal. After leading multi-million-dollar negotiations for a Fortune 100 company, Jeremy found himself applying his expertise on a more personal level, advising friends and family as they changed roles and negotiated their salaries. Seeing their successes inspired him to start Peak.

Jeremy’s professional background includes roles in banking, tech, and several entrepreneurial ventures. He holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University as well as the CFA charter, and he is a founding member of the upcycled food company, Mixtape Kitchens. The only negotiations he regularly loses are with his toddler children Graham and Poppy.

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